About us

Comre Safaris has been in operation since 2010 and has always provided some of the best hunting in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  Comre Safaris was started by a well-known local game farmer, Harry van Heerden.  Harry, together with a team of hunters and other staff, provided rifle and bow hunting, mainly for hunters from the USA and Europe.

In 2018, Comre Safaris was acquired by a local businessman, Greg Harvey, who owns other game and hunting ranches in the Eastern Cape and has been an outfitter for for over 16 years..  Greg is committed to ethical hunting, improving species and protecting the environment, and has brought this ethos and commitment, as well as infrastructural support, to Comre.  


Comre Safaris is headed up by Richard Bridger, a professional hunter since 2003 and a key member of the staff at Comre since 2010.  Together with his wife and a well-trained staff of trackers and lodge staff, Richard handles the daily operations and logistics of the company, plans the itineraries, and ensures the smooth running of the hunting trips.

Richard was born in the Eastern Cape and it's blood runs deep in his veins. He grew up in a family that was steeped in the tradition of hunting with hounds as well as walk and stalk. From a tender age of 6 Richard was hunting with his father. The passion was so strong in him that he decided to apprentice with a well known hunting outfitter for 3 years. After qualifying in 2003 and coming first in his class as a Professional Hunter he freelanced for numerous outfitters while gaining experience.

Richard was eventually sourced by Comre Safaris in 2010 and presented with the challenge of building and renovating its lodges and property rehabilitation. He has been there from the beginning and his passion for hunting and Comre Safaris is renowned. 

Comre Safaris supports several local schools and an orphanage. We also sponsor individual children’s education.