Hunting with Comre Safaris

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Every Safari is Unique

Comre Safaris offers a number of packages, which often suit the first-time hunter.  But every package can be tailored for your specific requirements.  We will also create a unique package for you.  Hunting can include rifle or bow hunting.  Every hunt is guided by Richard Bridger or by a PH (professional hunter) and a team of trackers.

Hunting Areas

Hunting can be at Comre, where there are 22 000 acres of diverse terrain, from savannah, through riverine bush to mountain.  Hunting at Comre is challenging and every day is different.  The expertise of the PH and trackers ensure that you will have an excellent hunt.

We hunt nearby game ranches as well, including Huntershill and Rocklands, also owned by Greg Harvey, where different hunting conditions and available game provide a rich variety for your safari.  We also hunt in other areas of the country and at concessions in Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Hunting can be done at any time of the year, but winter is most popular.

Rifle Hunting

Comre Safaris offers clients a variety of hunting styles, such as ‘spot and stalk’ in the Comre Mountains and Zululand bush, where shots could be as close as 10 yards, or as far as 300 yards.  Alternatively, clients can opt for tracking lion in the Kalahari or for buffalo and elephant in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  Another exhilarating Hunting method is a leopard hunt accompanied by our resident hound pack.

We also offer excellent bird hunting.

Bow Hunting

Our bow hunting concessions include over 25 hides to choose from for hunting plains game. Birds blend perfectly into the surrounding areas and multiple game species can be observed at the same time, as they make their way past. There is never a dull moment. For the more experienced or adventurous Bow hunter, we hunt all our big game on foot, tracking them down and approaching to within 10-20 yards for a good shot opportunity. Nothing comes close to the mixture of adrenalin, fear and pure exhaustion experienced when 10 yards from a growling lion with only a bow in hand... and the same goes for buffalo or bow hunting a leopard with our well trained dogs.

Recording your Safari

We can arrange for a photographer or videographer to accompany you on your hunts.  You can see some of our videos here.
We work closely with African Sun Productions

African Sun Productions website

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Fishing Charters

For those who are interested in ocean and game fishing we can organise onshore rock and surf fishing and offshore game and shark fishing.

General Information


South African Winter begins late in March, ending at the end of September.  Winters are mild to cold and cold in the evenings.


Don't bring too many clothes, laundry will be done daily.  Bring comfortable shoes (sneakers/boots).  In winter you can bring a warm jacket for the nights and early mornings and long pants to hunt in.  The days can be nice and warm.  Please remember to bring along sunscreen, SPF 15 or higher.


No vaccinations or medication are required for hunts in and around Comre as the camp is in a malaria-free area.  We can advise on requirements for other countries or areas, but please also check with your agent.\


Fire arms are available to rent out., although most hunters prefer to bring their own.  Note that no automatic or semi-automatic firearms are allowed.

Please ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork available on arrival.  Firearm permits are issued upon arrival at Johannesburg International Airport. Citizens of the USA must ensure that they are possession of a complete signed United States Customs Form # 4457, listing applicable firearms and serial numbers.  This form is available at any USA Customs Office and will only be issued after a physical inspection of your firearms.

Obtain a letter of invitation from Comre Safaris. We have people available at the airport to help you with your firearms at a minimal fee. Please make sure that you have also arranged the relevant insurances.

We can also offer sighting of rifles preparation and practice on our shooting range.


Comre safaris do not accept any liability for any injuries, illness, accidents or losses sustained whilst on safari with us.